Reflection: Personal Learning Theory

Write a reflection on the feedback you received from peers and instructor. What do you agree with? Why? What do you disagree with? Why? How has this experience changed or not changed your perspective on your theory?

The feedback that I received from peers was positive.  As a matter of fact, they didn’t have anything to add.  I enjoyed the questions from the faculty who asked specifically to defend my position (training for the dissertation defense?).

F: “I don’t believe it, convince me…”  

S: “Well, I have evolved as a learner…. and it is my personal learning theory”

When I consider the feedback, I’m left with the question… is my personal learning theory a theory at all… ?  It is simply modifications to pedagogy?  Is it methods of engaging learners or does it impact the way learning occurs?  I keep thinking about how our brains are rewiring and how we are all “plugged-in” to the internet. I can’t stop thinking about it, OHHHH the agony of it all…

I have evolved as a learner and work in a role where I MUST remain on the leading edge of the tools, pedagogy, research, and the trends in higher education and online learning. It is the pressure of the half-life of information that pushes me to continually check my PLN for new details that may transform the way we teach and learn.  

Perhaps I have heard one too many speeches on the disrupting of higher education and am in a dire need of a vacation.  Note to self: retire on an island somewhere without internet access.