Book Chapter update

Are you as far along with your article as you would like? What is next? What has been difficult? Easy? What kinds of feedback did you receive and how will you act upon it?

I’ve been writing a book chapter (rather than an article) on Social Presence.  As of right now, I’m am 90% finished with the literature review and research and about 50% done with the telling of the tale of an experiment in social presence.  I am grateful for the support of the edtech community 700 of which came out to participate in a MOOC on the Canvas open network: The Human Element – an essential online course component in the fall of 2013.

The next step in the process is to tell the story of teaching and learning within the MOOC and how the conversation outside of the LMS has continued due to the connectivist methods that we employed in its delivery.  It has been easy to collect the information as the students were keen on sharing their thoughts and ideas.  One such participant recently wrote me with permission to share a case study in how the learnings from that MOOC have impacted his work as an instructional designer at a midwestern university in the US.

The feedback that I have received from my faculty thus far has been on the personal theory of learning and not on the paper/book chapter itself, so other than being overly careful on the APA formatting, I feel like I’m making great progress.  If anyone out in the world has recommendations for streamlining PERFECT APA formatting – please share!


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