CECS 6100: Refection on Research Method

The question in class is: How hard is it to develop a research method that both matches your theory and created curriculum? What was simple and what was difficult?

In class we developed a completely asynchronous online lesson.  The research method that was chosen to determine the efficacy of the lesson is mixed methods but the data will be collected asynchronously in alignment with the lesson delivery. The research subjects will complete a questionnaire and post their feedback to open ended questions to a VoiceThread embedded at the conclusion of the lesson.

But the  question posed was, how hard was it to develop the research method? To this I say, not hard at all.  If you know what you want to accomplish then all you need to do is select the appropriate tool to do the job.

 I felt confident that in order to capture the qualitative data I would want to use a tool like VoiceThread and then I found a VoiceThread about qualitative research and decided that it should be shared here:

In the VoiceThread above, Terry Anderson of Athabasca University talks about an article regarding qualitative research: Koro-Ljungberg, M.; Yendol-Hoppey, D.; Smith. & Hayes, S. (2009) (E)epistemological Awareness, Instantiation of Methods, and Uninfomed Methodological Ambiguity in Qualitative Research Projects.  Educational Researcher 2009; 38; p.687.

8 different methods are included but Dr. Anderson calls this learning object incomplete asking his students to add value to the conversation.  I found it interesting that he sought out an asynchronous tool for a lecture that would allow the students to also interact with the content.


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