Social Media for Learning

How useful do you find social media for learning? Is it your personal preference that drives this or the affordances? Would they be useful for others if you find it lacking? What would make them more useful?

I have found myself considering my personal evolution in the use of social media, the way I have changed as a learner, and the influence of others on my personal learning preferences.Read to avoid extinction

As I have changed as a learner, I have evolved from being a student in need of a more behaviorist approach to the type of learner who requires a more social constructivist method of facilitating the learning process.  As my career has led me to a role on the forefront of online education, I find myself needing to stay connected to the latest industry news and therefore have evolved into more of a connectivist learner.  Reading Twitter and LinkedIn for the most relevant information in the industry.  In order to remain ahead in the field, I scour news for rumors of new and upcoming platforms and models in online education.  I often reach out to these newcomers requesting demonstrations of how they intend to disrupt the marketplace with their products or services.

This is my daily life.  I am hyper connected to my peers, my colleagues, my staff, and the onlne education industry as a whole.  When I consider the opportunities/affordances of social media in order to remain relevant in an ever changing world – there is nothing like it.

It has become my 24/7 news source.  Where others watch cable news for updates on what is happening globally – I look to my personal learning network of those I respect in the industry to share the news that matters most in my field and I also share my findings with them.

Without social media, I would go by the way of the dinosaur and be at least 3 days behind 😉


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