Hindsight 20/20

Week Three of the semester I was asked: How well supported does your personal theory feel? What research could you do in order to support your theory? What methods would you employ?

Back then, I thought I was on the right track.

I expected to be able to support my personal theory, but I misunderstood, this was a task to find a theory (evidently a proven theory) and call it your personal theory.  See, I have a problem, I like to think outside the box – push the limits.

Objects in Mirror are Closer than they appear: It is now the end of the semester and I am questioning everything.

When I think about how the semester worked out, I was really blessed to have a writing opportunity that guided me through the process of developing a good academic paper (book chapter).  It helped me to come to grips with how to present my ideas about a theory while still discrediting it in the process.  It pains me to have to let go of something that I have thought of as an innovation for 6 years, but I’ll just call it a day and go have lunch with George.

What can I say… it is supposed to be hard.  So, to answer the questions (1) how supported does my personal theory feel: it doesn’t (2) what research could you do in order to support your theory: I don’t think that I’ll be allowed to do this so, I’ll have to change my personal theory (3) what methods: that’s not up to me either – looks like mixed methods.



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